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#1 Best Curtain Cleaning Brisbane Starting From $119

Curtains and draperies could make or break a room. We spend hundreds of dollars on them just to get the perfect look. But you see, curtains and draperies don’t only make the place aesthetically pleasing, but they serve a more reasonable purpose; and one is to provide us protection against elements outside our home. Harsh light can flood through the windows. You can either close the windows totally or subdue the light with the flip of a curtain and enjoy the cool breeze flowing through your open window.

But who protects our curtains and draperies?

Dust, pollens, insects, pollution and sunlight can all ruin the your curtains and draperies. Sunlight can damage the surface of the fabric and could make it brittle of faded. Certain pollutants can cause the fabric to have unsightly yellow stains or streaks on the folds of the curtain. Soiling, especially in the fabrics lining is common on draperies its length extends towards the floor, Picking up dirt and dust throughout time.

So, Why not buy a new set?

You can opt to buy an new set. But why would you do that if you can have it cleaned to be as good as new for half the price of your expensive curtain and draperies? All it needs is to have a professional curtain cleaner to have a look at it and you will have your clean curtain and draperies in no time.

Why should I hire a professional brisbane curtain cleaner  ?

It is best to hire a professional Curtain cleaner in Brisbane than to take curtain and drapery cleaning on your own. One, they know how to handle the fabric. Not all fabric gets the same treatment. Some comes in natural material such as cotton, silk or wool. Some are synthetic such as nylon, polyesters and some a combination of both. There are also other consideration such as colour- fastness, embellishments and weave of the material.

Why Happy Tradie?

We at Happy Tradie have the right team for the job. Our independent contractors are professional and expert when it comes to curtain cleaning brisbane and drapery cleaning brisbane. They evaluate every fabric to make sure proper care and cleaning approach is given. Our team go the extra mile to restore and clean your curtain and drapery leaving it looking like new. We do steam cleaning and sanitizing and we also do dirt and stain removal treatment.

Now, you can say goodbye to dust, molds and allergens. Just give us a call and you’ll say hello to the bright, crisp and expertly cleaned curtains and draperies brought to you by Happy Tradie.


Jane O. – my grandson accidentally spilled chocolate milk on my lace curtain. I did not want to ruin the delicate fabric by putting it in the washer, so I called Happy Tradie and they were able to get the stain out. I had it from my mother so its quite a bit old. I’m glad I got Happy Tradie for the job.


Alex M. – Used to spend a lot of money in draperies. My wife would take it out sometime and buy new one. Now, we just call the services of Happy Tradie to clean our draperies and its saves me a lot of money.


Linda B. – I had a curtain before and I decided to wash it myself. Turned to to be color-fast. I end up throwing the curtains. Now whenever I have to clean the curtain, I call Happy Tradie and they get the job done.


Kim J. – My curtains smell fabulous! What did you put in it?